A New Life – Create Your Own Country

Create your own country using Google Earth with “A New Life”. You will need to download Google Earth to use some of these resources.

An Introduction to A New Life

A New Life is an interactive way to use Google Earth to create and run your own country. It uses the mapping and 3D tools of Google to install a new imaginary country for you to use as a stimulus in class.

Design A Flag For Your Country

As a new country, you will need a flag. Flags are often used to show identity, so the flag you design should represent your country.

Elect a Government For Your Country

Elect a government for your country. Create an election campaign and manifesto to have your party elected as the government for your country.

Laws and Rules

All countries have rules or laws. All classrooms have rules or laws. Use “A Real Life” to introduce class rules at the beginning of a new year or whenever you feel a change is needed…

This would be a good early group work lesson to encourage compromise and decision making.

Create Your Own Town

Here are a sequence of lessons built around creating a town for your country. This activity has a new file to use alongside the A New Life Google Earth file.

The Weather Show

The Weather Show is a drag and drop activity for children of all ages. To play the game, children select on of the maps and can then begin to drag weather symbols onto the map. The symbols have been designed to work as multiple drag – this means if you want to drag 30 sunny symbols onto Scotland, then you can. Children also have the option to type their name in the presenter box at the bottom.

To clear the map you can drag the symbols to the rubbish bin or refresh the page to clear the map.

Grid Reference Game

This is a game to allow children to learn about four figure grid reference.

The aim of the game is to drag the symbols to the appropriate grid using the grid reference given. The game uses the “A New Life” map from the Classroom Copilot Create Your Own Country tool and randomly chooses a game each time.