[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”WHAT IS SATPIN HERO?” collapsed=”false” color=”000000″ ccolor=”FFFFFF” bcolor=”000000″ bgcolor=”adc3d6″ cbgcolor=”1f2b3c” mleft=”0″ mright=”0″ mtop=”0″ mbottom=”0″ image=”null”] [wpcol_1quarter id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””]SATPIN Hero is a spelling game based on Guitar Hero, developed to support young children when learning phonics.

Click on SATPIN Hero to play[/wpcol_3quarter_end]



Each “string” on SATPIN Hero¬†corresponds to a letter.
As the song plays, notes will come down the guitar neck.
These notes spell out a word.
Press the button when the note passes the coloured target area to EXPLODE the note.
If you know the word answer the question at the end.
[stextbox id=”download” caption=”DOWNLOAD”]SATPIN Hero – desk award printable[/stextbox]



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